Best Raclette Grill Reviews & their Benefits – Top Pick with Guide 2022


New ways, new methods, varieties of foods. Ever-evolving strategies, equipment, processes of preparing FOOD. Food is most essential for living. A lot of development on ways of cooking with varietiesof cooking tools is available, one of them is the Raclette Grill, this will continue to be very instrumental if times and seasons continue to exist.

Food times with family, loved ones, close friends is usually a wonderful time to bond and have fun while satisfying your body needs and cravings forgood nutrition.

Some of the latest designs of the raclette grills today will thrill you and broaden your horizon on ways of having special moments. Whether you’ve got a mini indoor party or you just want something different from the conventional, this grill will deliver much more than you expect and you will certainly be fascinated by its output.

If you already know about the raclette grill, then you are in for a lot more if you get a hold of the best.

In case you’ve never heard of it or you’re not so familiar with it, just imagine you have a grill that can make your barbeque as well as cheese fondue at the same time. To get these benefits and more, you’ll have to get the best raclette grill.

Identifying one might be difficult if you have not taken time to study them, this is because there are a lot of brands flooding the market but not all are as efficient as they are advertised to be.

Relax, we can ease the stress for you. Included with these reviews is a buying guide to help you shop right. We have also included some of the recognised quality models that have been well researched and are expected to fully maximise their capacities when put to use.

The Raclette Grill is not a new invention, a lot of people know it but some don’t know much about its functions. It is precisely a modernised way of softening raclette.

Raclette itself is a kind of cheese that is semi-hardened and can be softened withheating elements and eaten together with vegetables, potatoes, meat etc.

So, with the electric raclette grill, it’s easier to make this food type as it can take more at a time.

Comparison Table of Best Raclette Grill– 2021:

How do you know the best Raclette grill?

There are certain peculiarities that you will find in some that are not in many others. This distinguishes it from them.

One is the number of people it can serve per session. Your preferences will sorely depend on the number of people you intend to be using it to cook for. If you got a smaller size for a large family it won’t serve the purpose for which it is bought, but when you go for the larger sizes, you will be satisfied in the end.

Another important feature to look out for is Power. Power is very significant when deciding on the best raclette grill to buy. This is because it is essential to warming, melting and heating. If the power is not adequate, the grill would not function effectively.

Also, for the food to bed one on each side of the grill, there must be enough heat. The best Raclette set usually has between 1000 to 1500watts of power for effective cooking.

 It is necessary to check the materials as some materials of construction conduct heat better than the others.

Also, the dual or reversible grill tops dimensions and shapes as each is designed in unique ways.

It is also good to check the manufacturer warranty so has to know what is covered and what is not. Those with a warranty of a year and above are considered to be of better quality.

Basic features of a Raclette Grill

Several models have just one main cooking surface, while some also have surfaces that can be split into a grill and a flat surface griddle. These types are more versatile for cooking varieties of food.

On the flat side, you can cook foods such as pancakes, omelettes, crepes, etc. While you can cook vegetables, sausages on the grill part. The most fascinating quality of this is that you can do both at the same time with the same heat.

The cords that come with these electric raclette grills are connected to a power outlet to generate heat. These cords differ in length. You’ll need to ascertain the cord length of the model you want before pick up, especially if you intend to place it on a tabletop and not the kitchen counter. Shorter cords will work on kitchen counters while you’ll need a grill with a longer cord in cases where your power outlet is not so close, probably in places like the tabletops.

The dimensions of the grill are also important.  The best raclette grills come in rectangular shapes, these are large family sizes for easy access to everyone which is the most important. Some are designed in circular shapes, these are for fewer numbers of persons.

Before coming up with this buyers guide,we have spent alot of time learning about the raclette grill, checked different page sandsites of manufacturers, read reviews and sort opinions from various users who have tested and used the products.You can be sure of making a good choice when you select from those named here.

OuterInspect Rating:

The Techwood Raclette table grill is an electric raclette grill that is ideal for all families. Fast heating durable elements with up to 1500W power capacity.  Comes with 8 non-stick pans that can serve a large number of people when you intend to cook for more. This device melts cheese easily. You can use it to cook your veggies, steaks, seafood in few minutes.

This heat provided is sufficient for both sides of the cooker. Two options cooking styles with the grooved and flat surface. With the grooved side, you can easily drain fats away from your food and get it grilled to your desired shade. Meanwhile, the flat surface is ideal for making tasty crepes. This dual functioning device saves space, time and money needed to get an additional tool for a task it can perform simultaneously.

You can easily adjust the temperature for different recipes and types of food with the adjustable thermostat. You need not use the same heat for all cooking, this gives you ranges of temperature options from 392-536° F for various food types.

 The pans are coated with healthy materials to prevent sticking, no need to re-coat with butter or oily substances. This aids easy removal and fast and easy cleaning. This comes with 30 days free return policy and 18 months warranty to ascertain its authenticity.

1 Techwood Raclette Table Grill


  • It has a powerful pellet burner that can give heat temperatures up to 450F.
  • The grill does not need an exhaust for the gas emitted from pellet burning.
  • Electric controller to have the best temperature adjustment and other automation.
  • There is a 300 square inches grilling surface, one of the biggest in its class.


  • It doesn’t come with a lid cover


  • 8 non-sticky plates for large families
  • Fast cook with 1500 power capacity
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dual-functioning
  • Durable construction
  • Smoke-free
OuterInspect Rating:

Swissmar Classic Raclette grill is a very easy-to-use grill. It is designed to give you the thrills of cooking varieties with a capacity for 8 persons. Comes with 8 raclette plates and 8 heat-resistant spatulas for dishing food.

A very effective panel with 1200 watts power capacity for heating, cooking and warming of foods with adjustable temperatures/heat control the most suitable outcome when cooking different kinds of foods with ranging textures.

For different food materials. A non-complicated portable cooking tabletop raclette grill. You can have a hitch-free memorable dinner with your friends and loved ones. Durable nonstick cast aluminium reversible grill top for making crepes, pancakes, etc.

Durably constructed, suitable for grilling meats, fish and all kinds of vegetables that will give you a unique tantalising taste. The handles of the plates are consistently cool to touch.

A very versatile device, you can use for cooking varieties of recipes that you know, also, included in the manual are recipes that you can try with this grilling tool. Cleaning this device is takes less time and is very easy.

2 Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette


  • It weighs 223 pounds being stable under any condition, and easily movable.
  • There is an integrated ashtray where you can gather all the ashes after the pellet is burnt.
  • The grill has four wheels of various sizes to help you move it around and have the right balance.
  • The pit control system can give you the chance to cook remotely without being on the grill all the time.


  • Even though it is stated that it can serve 8 people, the cooking surface is sufficient for not more than 6 people


  • Portable tabletop raclette grill with 8 plates
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Versatile for different kinds of cooking.
  • Fast and effective heat
  • Heat resistant spatulas and handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Large family size
  • Non-stick reversible grill top
OuterInspect Rating:

Salton Raclette grill is a sturdily-built cooking instrument that is very instrumental for all kitchens. For your indoor parties and special family moments, this is one of the best raclette grills to use.

The flat non-stick surface can be used for grilling fish, sausages, meats, seafood, vegetables. The adjustable temperature control with an indicator light helps to control the heat necessary for the types of food substances placed on the cooker.

Comes with 8 non-stick pans for making raclette cheese, desserts etc. Also included with the package are 8 spatulas that are specifically designed for removing food from the raclette plates. Cleaning is very easy, the grill plates are dishwasher compatible.

You can conveniently have a mini get together with family, friends and loved ones when you get this quality, hassle-free, affordable raclette that will help you prepare all kinds of recipes in less time, with enticing unique smell and taste. Fast and efficient heat, no smoking. Made with durable and quality heating elements/materials for long-term use.

Portable and lightweight, occupies less space in the kitchen, can be placed on tabletops for easy access.

3 Salton Raclette Indoor Electric Party Grill


  • It has an automatic temperature setter that helps you cook your food without watching it all the time.
  • The pellet grill can also work as a thermal chamber to keep the food warm.
  • It has an exhaust pipe that helps gases exit the burning pellet chamber.
  • You have the chance to use it as a smoker as well, adjusting the temperature to 180F, the lowest possible.


  • Grill top wouldn’t take food for more than six people per time
  • Short cord, grill requires an extension if not placed closer to a power outlet


  • Portable/mini grill
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Fast heat
  • 8 Non-sticky pans and spatulas
  • Long-lasting and efficient
  • Versatile multifunctional grill
  • Sturdily built
  • Very easy to clean
  • Cool to touch panhandles
  • Large family size raclette grill
  • Affordable
OuterInspect Rating:

Are you planning a holiday or a family and friends get together and you want your grilling to be like that of a professional chef? The Artestia Raclette table grill will be your perfect choice.

With a large capacity cooking surface for cooking 8 people per time. A granite grill stone surface that obtains and retains heat easily, keeps your food warm even after putting off the device.

A 1200 watts electric-powered raclette grill that melts cheese with ease. Comes with 8 grill pans with non-stick coatings for healthy cooking. No need to add oils nor butter before you can serve your food with no parts sticking on the surface of pans nor top.

Steady heavy is provided through the heat panel and it evenly the heat to all parts of the part. An alternative method of cooking is enabled with its dual surface, that is the grooved and flat surface. With the grooved side, you can monitor and get the desired shade for your food, it also helps to easily remove the fats from food. With the flat surface, you can make pancakes, crepes etc.

A quality product by Artestia, the manufacturer of durable and affordable and efficient cooking devices.

4 Artestia Raclette Table Grill


  • It comes with a black waterproof cover that can make the pellet grill untouchable by air or rainwater.
  • The grill also has an exhaust pipe to remove gases from the burning pellet chamber.
  • With this grill, you can also smoke your meats to perfection.
  • You also have the chance to take advantage of the fan ventilation system that diffuses the heat to all the heating surface.


  • It takes up to 15 minutes for the stone to suitably heat up


  • Sturdy design
  • Grill like a professional
  • Easy to use
  • Retains heat
  • Reversible surface
  • Non-stick coated pans
  • Durable and affordable
  • Granite grill stone surface
  • Large capacity for 8 persons
OuterInspect Rating:

Hamilton is a well-known brand that produces quality indoor and outdoor cooking equipment. This Electric raclette non-stick grill is suitable for cooking meats, vegetables, seafood and other food substance for that refined unique taste that cannot be gotten from any other cooking instrument.

This device cooks food in less time than a regular cooker. Party time is a fun time, this device is simply to make it merrier. Large capacity for serving up to 8 people at a time. Fast heat with durable heat elements that uniformly distributes the heat to the required parts of the grill.

Heat-resistant 8 warming trays for each person. Makes family time and get together with family and friends more fun and interesting.

Adjustable heat control for varieties of food recipes. Very easy to clean after use with no sticky parts to clean up, all accessories can be washed safely in the dishwasher

The perfect grill for warming cheese with a very low-temperature setting and for searing shrimps with higher temperatures. Comes with an indicator light that brightens when you set out a reminder to turn the device off when it’s done cooking. Suitable to be used both indoor and outdoor.

5 Hamilton Beach 8-Serving Raclette Electric Indoor Grill


  • Compact size and wheels that can move the pellet grill virtually anywhere in your garden.
  • It is made from porcelain steel, withstanding all higher temperatures.
  • The pellet grill weighs only 136 pounds and is among the most lightweight you are going to find in the market.
  • It comes with an ashtray to make sure you can remove ashes from burnt pellets every once in a while.


  • Short cords. You may need an extension if your power outlet is farther away


  • Suitable to be used indoors and outdoors
  • Fast and efficient evenly distributed heat
  • Cooks varieties of foods
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Easy cleanup
  • 8 warming/serving trays
  • Non-stick heat-resistant surface and trays
OuterInspect Rating:

This multifunctional raclette grill with a non-sticking plate and cooking stone surface is one of the best you can get out there. Its remarkable functions and qualities make it one of the top choices of people. Versatile cooking device for cooking steaks, meats, vegetables, etc.

This portable grill comes with 8 raclette pans that are used for melting cheese. Veryfast heating process; within few minutes of placing inside the grill after it is heated up, the cheese will melt.

For your mini party, small family get-togethers and special cooking moments in the home, you can rely on this to give varieties of special food treats right on your tabletop. The cord is short but with a very good extension, you can put it at any convenient place for use.

With this, everyone can have whatever recipe of food they desire at the same time, with 8 different pans and a dual grill cooktop, and also a heating element that evenly distributes heat to both sides of the grill.

Very easy to clean after each use as the grilling surface and pans are coated with hygienic materials that make it easy to remove foods without leaving sticky leftovers behind.

6 Dual Cheese Raclette Table Grill


  • It comes with an integrated oil catcher to clean it easily when you are done.
  • The pellet grill can cook your food with temperatures reaching almost 450F.
  • It is made from stainless steel metal to make you feel more comfortable leaving it outside.
  • You also have a digital auto temperature control to adjust the heat every time you feel so.


  • Short cord, extension is required
  • A bit small to serve up to eight people


  • Dual-function cheese raclette
  • Versatile and portable
  • Great for mini parties
  • Fast heating element that evenly distributes
  • 8 non-stick pans and a dual grill cooktop
  • Easy to clean up
OuterInspect Rating:

A new model of raclette grill from Bonsenkitchen, the manufacturer of exceptional kitchen tools. This guaranteed non-smoking fast heating grill/barbecue can be used to prepare meals for up to 6 people both indoor and outdoor. You don’t have to worry about the after-smell of grilling or barbecuing indoors as all food flavours are strictly locked in.

With an adjustable temperature, this mini grill can be used to cook varying types of food for family members and a couple of loved ones or acquaintances. You can try different types of recipes and enjoy some of the Korean barbecues with this grill in the comfort of your home.

You’ll get great tantalising taste as if it were prepared by a professional chef, this will save you trips to restaurants and you avoid spending too much on meals you can as well cook in your homes. Evenly distributed heat to retain food flavours witha power output of 1300W with 5 temperature settings.

This raclette grill comes with 8 paddles with heat-resistant handles for various cooking options, this can be touched without fear of burning your fingers.

You can place your veggies, meats, seafood, pancakes, cheese all together in this single cooking device and you’ll get the best out of it. Durable long-lasting design with a dual surface; grooved and flat.

7 Smokeless Indoor Electric Gril


  • It has the technology to burn fewer pellets for the same amount of heat delivered.
  • The stainless steel body parts keep the heat inside the cooking surface and transform the grill into a heat chamber for your food.
  • The pellet grill has a DC powered engine that consumes a small amount of electricity to function.
  • There is no exhaust pipe for the gases which are used to increase the cooking chamber temperature further.


  • It doesn’t come with a lid and a drain for leaking oils


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Versatile and portable
  • 5 adjustable temperature settings
  • Heat-resistant paddle handles
  • Non-smoking raclette grill
  • Fast uniform heat
  • Affordable
  • Easy cleanup
  • Grooved and flat surface
OuterInspect Rating:

AONI Raclette portable grill is the last on our list of top raclette grills. One of the highly ranked table grills with dual functions. It can be used as a grill as well as for barbecue.

A very versatile smokeless cooker with non-stick coating ideal for indoor parties with friends and families. Designed with 8 cooking wares and spatula for making varieties of dishes at the same time, all in one unit.

Everyone can have different food choices and this can be possible by putting varieties of food in the grill based on individual preference. Cooking would never be boring, you’ll so much fun and adventure when using this device. An electric-powered grill with 1200W capacity, capable of heating and melting cheese with ease in just few minutes.

Can be used for making varieties of meals. Temperature can be easily adjusted for varying cooking choices, you can adjust and cook all kinds of foods just as a professional.

Very easy and convenient cleanup as the non-stick coatings prevent retention of food substances and particles on the removable cookwares(dishwasher safe) and grill tops.

Quality product with long-lasting usefulness, keeps flavours locked in as it evenly dispenses heat to both sides of the grill for the best outcome.

8 AONI Raclette Table Grill


  • The grill can give you temperatures up to 450F, enough to cook any meat.
  • There is also an ashtray to remove burnt pellets easier.
  • You can also adjust the temperature using the digital controller.
  • The pellet grill is lightweight enough to help you move it around your garden.


  • Oil drip pan not included
  • Mini grill not for more than 8 servings


  • Versatile smokeless cooker
  • Dual function; raclette grill and barbecue
  • Professional cooker
  • Fast heating element
  • Easy cleanup
  • Non-stick trays and top
  • For cooking varieties of food
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Dishwasher safe accessories


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